Jose Uribe says he paid Nadine Menendez to get ‘power and influence from Sen. Menendez’

A friend of Jose Uribe was facing a charge of insurance fraud. Uribe wanted the help of Sen. Menendez to stop an investigation insurance fraud. He says Nadine promised that help.

Chris Keating and Lanette Espy

Jun 10, 2024, 4:17 PM

Updated 9 days ago


Today starts the fifth week of Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption trial.
The government’s star witness returned to the stand this morning after Jose Uribe told jurors on Friday that he was paying Nadine Menendez to get the “power and influence from Sen. Menendez.”
Uribe is one of the original defendants accused of paying bribes to Sen. Menendez and Nadine.
The details of Uribe’s arrangement with Nadine are the focus of today’s testimony. Jurors are hearing about text messages between the two and how Uribe paid for Nadine's brand new $60,000 Mercedes Benz.
Uribe told jurors how in 2019, he first started texting with Nadine and then met with her to set up their arrangement. They would meet at the restaurant Villa Amalfi for drinks.
Uribe told jurors Nadine wanted a car. He responded, “if your problem is a car my problem is saving my family.”
A friend of Uribe’s was facing a charge of insurance fraud, and the investigation was likely going to bring down his own family’s company, Phoenix Risk Management. Uribe wanted the help of Sen. Menendez to stop the investigation. He says Nadine promised that help.
In April of 2019, Uribe said he met Nadine again at Villa Amalfi. He Handed her $15,000 cash in the parking lot for the downpayment on the Mercedes.
At a later date, after getting the car, Nadine would send a text to Uribe saying, “You are a miracle worker who makes dreams come true. I will always remember that.”
Eventually, Nadine set up a meeting between Uribe and Sen. Menendez in May 2019. After that dinner, jurors saw Nadine send a text Uribe that said, “You are on my mind. It will be done. I need the info please whenever you can.”
Uribe would explain that Nadine is asking for details on the investigation he wants stopped.
Menendez attorneys have denied any wrongdoing. In reference to Uribe, Sen. Menendez has said outside of the courthouse to wait for cross examination.

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