Heading to the Jersey Shore to escape the heat? Beware of the cold ocean water

There were fluctuating water temperatures as cold as 58 degrees on Wednesday to around 70 on Thursday.

Jim Murdoch

Jun 20, 2024, 4:36 PM

Updated 24 days ago


It may have been 90 degrees inland but on the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore, it felt like the lower-70s, thanks to the winds coming off the ocean.
It was not a surprise to see more crowds hitting the beaches again on Thursday, after major traffic tie-ups on Wednesday and even some beach closures due to full capacity levels.
Officials say 9,324 daily beach passes were sold on Wednesday, the largest single-day sales of the year. The southeast wind coming right off the water helped the heat stay just far enough inland to make it the perfect escape. With that blue-green water still visible all along the Jersey Shore, a lot of folks found out that looks may be deceiving.
"Frigid, it's cold. Refreshing though, yes, a little bit you can say that," said Greg Wolak, of Clifton.
There were fluctuating water temperatures as cold as 58 degrees on Wednesday to around 70 on Thursday.
"It could drop 10 degrees in a day or can go up 10 degrees in a day a lot, depends on the wind direction this time of year when you get that hard south wind that causes some upwelling," said Asbury Park Beach Safety Supervisor Joe Bongiovanni.
There were no massive traffic jams like on Wednesday but anyone who didn't have to work and could get to the beach, certainly enjoyed the cooler air temperatures.
"It's super refreshing kind of a little bit windy but super nice out love it," said Yasmin DaSilva, of Asbury Park.
"You can sit here and it would be as cool as it is in your house with the air conditioner on. It's nice to be out in the sun so this is the place to be. I know two blocks inland you can't say that but right here now it's heaven right now with the breeze that we have probably about 72 degrees air temperature here right now," added Bongiovanni.
No major incidents were reported because of the large crowds on Wednesday. This weekend is expected to be as busy if not more than what was seen on Wednesday. Lifeguards are fully staffed and if you're planning on heading to places like Island Beach State Park or Sandy Hook, check ahead to make sure there's still room.

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