Camps take extra precautions amidst scorching heat

Officials at The Village of Mamaroneck's Day Camp at Harbor Island Park say they are implementing a variety of safety precautions in light of the combined heat and humidity.

News 12 Staff

Jul 11, 2024, 10:40 AM

Updated 4 days ago


As the Hudson Valley swelters under a brutal heat wave, day camps are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their campers.
The Village of Mamaroneck's Day Camp at Harbor Island Park is implementing a variety of safety measures in light of the combined heat and humidity. Officials say children, especially those under 14, are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.
"The little ones are spending the majority of their day inside besides swimming time," says Jason Pinto, Village of Mamaroneck recreation supervisor, referring to the camp's younger campers. "The older kids spend more time outside, but we've reduced some of the more strenuous activities."
To combat the heat, campers start the day under the shade of trees and tents are set up for those who are not in the water. Activities are modified to minimize time spent in direct sunlight, with the ball field off-limits due to the extreme heat.
"We try to play kickball, but we keep them in the shade and don't push them too far out because it gets pretty bad once you pass the tree line," says Stephen Moore, Sports Recreation.
Water coolers are strategically placed throughout the camp to ensure campers and staff stay hydrated. Counselors are trained to recognize signs of heat-related illness and medical staff are on standby.
Of course, a significant amount of time is spent in the water.
"We get to go in the water and just swim around and play," says camper Kian Fonss. "So that helps a little. Yeah, it does."
Parents are urged to check in with their child's day camp to ensure they are implementing appropriate safety measures during this period of extreme heat.

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