‘Seems like yesterday.’ Bridgeport couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

Frank and Josephine Foti have been married since June 1954. They say their love has only flourished over time, growing with a family.

Angelica Toruno and Robyn Karashik

May 28, 2024, 9:06 PM

Updated 37 days ago


A Bridgeport couple will be celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in June.
News 12's Angelica Toruno sat down with the couple to hear more about their love story and the secret to making it this far.
Josephine Foti was 16 years old and Frank Foti was 21 years old when they met at a party.
"I went to my best friend's birthday party," said Frank Foti.
"It was my cousin,” said Josephine Foti.
"After I got out of the service, and I met her there...and that was it,” said Frank Foti. “I said that's my girl."
They said they knew right away. After a few years, they tied the knot. That was on June 19, 1954. This year, they'll be celebrating 70 years of marriage.
"Seems like yesterday," said Frank Foti.
They said their love has only flourished over time, growing with a family. They have three daughters, three granddaughters and four great-grandchildren.
They still live in the home where they raised their children in Bridgeport.
Josphine Foti said her secret to a long-lasting marriage has been patience. Frank Foti had different advice.
"Try to lose a little of your hearing,” said Frank Foti. "You have to allow a lot of things to pass by."
Seven decades after saying I do, the couple has built a life and stuck together through every up and down.
"I love her very much,” said Frank Foti.

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