Police: Multiple fights break out after Westwood High School graduation in Washington Township

Washington Township police say they are pursuing criminal charges as they review video footage and speak to witnesses.

Lanette Espy

Jun 21, 2024, 1:05 PM

Updated 24 days ago


High school graduation is supposed to be a special event for graduates and their families. But for one high school in Bergen County, it turned into chaos.
Washington Township police say several physical altercations broke out Thursday night on the football field at Westwood High School right after the ceremony ended.
Authorities say the parties involved were separated and the crowds dispersed. They say at least one person was taken to a hospital. Multiple people were treated on scene but refused further treatment.
“Unfortunately, this type of behavior is occurring more often than not. As we work to prosecute those responsible, it is a great time to speak to your children, family members and friends about how to act appropriately,” Washington Township police said in a statement. “If something is occurring in front of you that you know is an issue, please call the police. If an issue arises to an emergent or dangerous situation, leave immediately and follow the police officer’s instruction on scene. Speaking with family and friends about these situations will pay off in the future.
Police say they are aware of multiple videos of the incident circulating social media. Authorities say they are also pursuing criminal charges as they review video footage and speak to witnesses.
Anyone with information or video footage is urged to contact Detective Sgt. Fasciano at SFasciano@washtwppolice.org.

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