HEAT ALERT: Heat advisory in effect for New Jersey with extreme highs expected all week

Dangerous heat continues through the weekend.

Dave Curren

Jun 19, 2024, 10:10 AM

Updated 25 days ago


An excessive heat advisory is in effect for New Jersey as the state officially enters a heat wave.
Same old song and dance. It's hot and it stays hot.
Summer officially starts tomorrow. Dangerous heat continues through the weekend. It's possible temperatures come down below 90 early next week for a day or two, then right back up into the 90s again. That seems to be the pattern - four days with 90+ degrees then two days below.
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The hot pattern isn't budging anytime soon.
Rain hasn't been at a premium as of late. It doesn't look like there are any significant fronts with steady/organized rains with them until early next week.
An isolated thunderstorm may pop up in the intense heat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rains wouldn't last long, but it would be beneficial to some browning lawns.

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